NFT Warriors hand-drawn by Koji Ogata, legendary artist behind Double Dragon, battling it out on the Ethereum blockchain.

Tournaments every three weeks

Grand Prize → 0.5 ETH

Peacefall Tournament grand prize: ethereum

2nd Place

→ 0.2 ETH

3rd-4th Place

→ 0.1 ETH

5th-8th Place

→ 0.05 ETH

About Peacefall

Part game. Part social experiment.

NFTs that Evolve


NFTs that Evolve

The more your character wins in battle, the stronger they become. As your characters evolve, their appearance will change, they will have stronger weaponry, and their strength in the game will grow.

Check out how our evolving NFTs look on Opensea. Example Ninja Example Specter

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A Legendary Artist


A Legendary Artist

The Warriors are hand-created by Koji Ogata, one of the artists on the original Double Dragon.

Yes, that Double Dragon. He’s brought his magic touch and connection to classic side scrollers to this project.

Dual Rarity


Dual Rarity

Most NFT collections have one type of rarity: the kind you get at mint. Your NFT will never be any more rare than what you get at the reveal. Peacefall has two types of rarity: Minted & Earned. Earned rarity comes from your performance in battle. Your warrior’s rarity and value improves based on decisions you make.

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Fully Doxxed Team with 15 years experience.

Peacefall was created by Fictive Kin, a digital product studio based in Brooklyn, NY.

  • Clients include Sweetgreen, NY Times, Palantir, Microsoft, TripAdvisor and National Geographic.
  • Organizers of the wildly popular Web 2 conference, Brooklyn Beta.
  • Authors of an early article on decentralized content.

The Peacefall team is dedicated full-time & in it for the long-haul.

A meditation on the nature of peace.

Peacefall begins at a time when the people of Earth have managed to achieve a global peace. They are at one with themselves and each other. The warring syndicates that wreaked havoc on society at the end of the 21st century have disbanded. Life is good.

But, as our NFT holders will discover post-minting, all good things come to an end. And though the syndicates may have laid their weapons down, they didn’t forget where they put them.

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for Peace Today

Join the Battle for Peace Today


How many Warriors were minted?

We minted out 8,192 Warriors!

How were Warriors generated?

To keep things fair, we generated the Warriors before minting and only revealed after mint to avoid bots / rarity snipers.

Will the artist, Koji Ogata, receive a cut of sales?

Yep! In addition, he was paid his rate for all illustration work.

What rights do I have to my artwork?

You are free to do whatever you like with your Warriors for as long as you retain ownership.

When does the first battle begin?

The first battle will begin three weeks after the characters are revealed.

How long do we have to select our attack?

You will have 72 hours to select an attack before the winner is revealed. In the first three rounds, you'll see your opponent as soon as that window opens up.

During Life or Death rounds (round 4 and on), opponents will not be pre-revealed.

How does HP affect gameplay?

HP only comes into play in the event of a tie (same attack selected on both sides), in which the Warrior with greater HP wins.

When does that fighting stop?

That is up to you. As the game unfolds you will have the opportunity to push for peace. Our goal is perpetual peace. When that will happen is difficult to predict as it will require collaboration amongst the players.

What happens after the battle?

We very much want this to be something that continues for a long time. But we've also watched as other projects promise the world and basically deliver nada.

We think of what we're trying to create as a longer story with individual chapters and this initial journey into conflict and then back out to peace will be chapter one.

The thing we get super excited about (besides the artwork which we love) is the idea that these characters will each start to build their own stories over time and that those legends can be built off of in different scenarios, etc.

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